Java Servlet 3.0 Example using Web.xml

Instead of using annotation such as the previous post. In this tutorial we are building a java servlet 3.0 example using web.xml. The servlet is configured in web.xml. It means that you tell the servlet container or application server about the detail of servlet. This is second post of series of Java Servlet Tutorial. This … Read more

Servlet 3.0 Annotation Example in Java

In the following tutorial we will show you how to create a servlet 3.0 annotation example. The Java Servlet API 3.0 introduces a new package called javax.servlet.annotation. The javax.servlet.annotation provides annotation types which can be used for annotating a servlet class. This is first post of series of Java Servlet Tutorial. This series tutorial will … Read more

JAXB marshal schema validation

In a How to validate XML versus XSD in Java tutorial shows you how to validate an validate xml vs xsd file using the javax.xml.validation APIs. In this tutorial shows you how to use JAXB marshal schema validation during marshal operation. Here is a way to leverage the JAXB APIs. Such as the previous tutorial, … Read more

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