Spring @propertysources multiple files example

This Spring @propertysources multiple files example shows you how to load a list from multiple property files using the @Value annotation. In this tutorial we’ll be using the @propertysources annotation which combines with @propertysource annotation to load multiple property files. In fact, you need this to store your inequivalent property configurations to the separated files. … Read more

Spring @autowired annotation – constructor, setter and field injection

The Spring @autowired annotation example shows you how to use the @Autowired annotation to inject a bean with constructor, field or setter method. Here the @Autowired annotation marks a constructor, field or setter method.Then Spring will look up exactly one bean that matches with the property is annotated and autowired automatically. Create beans We are … Read more

Spring autowire byType xml example

This spring autowire byType xml example shows you how to use Spring autowire byType. If we enable the autowire byType, Spring will attempts to find out exactly a bean which is matching with the property and autowire that property automatically. Whereas Spring will throw a NoUniqueBeanDefinitionException exception if there are multiple beans of the same … Read more

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