Java 8 functional interface example

Java 8 functional interface example helps you answer some confused questions, e.g: what is functional interface? How to create a functional interface?. And how does a functional interface works in fact. Java 8 functional interface example walks you through What is functional interface Functional interfaces are new additions in java 8 which permit exactly one … Read moreJava 8 functional interface example

Java 8 method reference example

In the Java 8 method reference example, i show you how to use a method from class or object using class::methodName type syntax. Method reference is a new feature called in Java 8 and is used to refer method of functional interface. In this tutorial, we are explaining method reference concept in detail. Types of … Read moreJava 8 method reference example

Java Lambda Expressions Example

Java lambda expressions example introduces the way we do functional programming in Java. Java lambda expressions are Java’s first step into functional programming. Thus, a Java lambda expression is a function which can be created without belonging to any class. Let’ understand what lambda expression is and how it works. Java Lambda Expression Syntax A … Read moreJava Lambda Expressions Example

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