How to update properties file in Java

This post shows how to update properties file in Java. As you know, Java Properties API doesn’t support update properties file dynamically. While properties files are a popular mean of configuring applications. Fortunately, Commons Configuration API supports this format and enhances significantly the basic Java Properties class. Here we will use Commons Configuration API to … Read more

Java scanner example – How to read data from console in java

The Java scanner example shows you how to read data from console in java and introduces the range of functionality of java.util.Scanner class. Java scanner can parse primitive types and strings using regular expressions. With a simple text, scanner breaks it into tokens using delimiter pattern, default token matches whitespace. Here is first Java scanner … Read more

Java filefilter example to list files and directories in a directory

The Java filefilter example shows you how to filter directory using java FileFilter. I create a directoryFilter object that implements the FileFilter interface, then I implement the accept method. The method returns true if the passed parameter is a directory and false if it is not a directory. More information, you saw how we could … Read more

Java FileNameFilter example to list files with specific extension

If you need to pick up specific extensions from the given directory and you ask yourself how to filter files using Java. Should implement java FilenameFilter class and override accept() method. Then pass object to list() method to get specific file extensions. Java FileNameFilter example will show you all these stuffs.

Run the java … Read more

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