Convert String to date in Java

Convert string to date in java is popular case that we have to process in java projects. This tutorial shows you a complete example to demo this case and package this string to date conversion to utility function. Here is complete program for converting string to date

Run above main and output will be … Read more

Java scanner example – How to read data from console in java

The Java scanner example shows you how to read data from console in java and introduces the range of functionality of java.util.Scanner class. Java scanner can parse primitive types and strings using regular expressions. With a simple text, scanner breaks it into tokens using delimiter pattern, default token matches whitespace. Here is first Java scanner … Read more

Pretty print JSON in Java (Jackson)

The Pretty print JSON in Java tutorial shows you how to use Jackson pretty print for JSON Object and String in the console. Pretty Print JSON Object Example to convert Object and jackson pretty print its output in JSON format.

And the json output is in compact mode.

To enable jackson pretty print, … Read more

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