Pretty print JSON in Java (Jackson)

The Pretty print JSON in Java tutorial shows you how to use Jackson pretty print for JSON Object and String in the console. Pretty Print JSON Object Example to convert Object and jackson pretty print its output in JSON format.

And the json output is in compact mode.

To enable jackson pretty print, … Read more

Jackson Json Annotation Example

This tutorial introduces about JSON Annotations via Jackson JSON Annotation Example. Jackson JSON Annotations are implemented exactly as approach read and write of JSON data-binding. But the different point is properties of POJO are annotated at running time. Table of contents: 1. Project structure 1. JACKSON dependency 2. Create input JSON 3. Create POJO with … Read more

Jackson Json Streaming Example

This tutorial introduces about Streaming API by creating Jackson Json Streaming Example. Jackson Framework has implemented a useful Streaming API which is also called incremental mode. With Streaming API, Jackson Framework consumes low memory and less processing overhead. While Jackson is high performance and sequential access api. Especially, it can often match performance of many … Read more

Json Tree Model Example using Jackson API

This post introduces Json Tree Model Example using Jackson API. Actually, JSON can be represented as a Tree (similar to DOM tree). Therefore, we are possible to traverse to individual nodes in the tree in order to access/edit their values. Let’s start to build Json Tree Model Example JACKSON dependency in pom.xml There are several … Read more

Convert Java Object to/from JSON using JACKSON API

In this tutorial, we will show you how to use Jackson 2.x to convert Java object to/from JSON using Jackson API. The class ObjectMapper is the main api of Jackson 2.x used for data-binding. It comes with several reader/writer methods to preform the conversion from/to Java and JSON. Quick Reference Convert Java object to JSON … Read more

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