Top 50 Maven Interview Questions

This post shows you Top 50 Maven Interview Questions. It will help you to move ahead in your career in Maven Development. If you’re looking for Maven Interview Questions for Experienced or Freshers, you are at right place.

Top 50 Maven Interview Questions

1.What is Maven?
2.What are the main features of Maven?
3.What areas of a Project can you manage by using Maven?
4.What are the main advantages of Maven?
5.Why do we say “Maven uses convention over configuration”?
6.What are the responsibilities of a Build tool like Maven?
7.What are the differences between Ant and Maven?
8.What is MOJO in Maven?
9.What is a Repository in Maven?
10.What are the different types of repositories in Maven?
11.What is a local repository in Maven?
12.What is a central repository in Maven?
13.What is a Remote repository in Maven?
14.Why we should not store jars in CVS or any other version control system instead of Maven repository?
15.Can anyone upload JARS or artifacts to Central Repository?
16.What is a POM?
17.What is Super POM?
18.What are the main required elements in POM file?
19.What are the phases in Build lifecycle in Maven?
20.What command will you use to package your Maven project?
21.What is the format of fully qualified artifact name of a Maven project?
22.What is an Archetype in Maven?
23.What is the command in Maven to generate an Archetype?
24.What are the three main build lifecycles of Maven?
25.What are the main uses of a Maven plugin?
26.How will you find the version of a plugin being used?
27.What are the different types of profile in Maven? Where will you define these profiles?
28.What are the different setting files in Maven? Where will you find these files?
29.What are the main elements we can find in settings.xml?
30.How will you check the version of Maven in your system?
31.How will you verify if Maven is installed on Windows?
32.What is a Maven artifact?
33.What are the different dependency scopes in Maven?
34.How can we exclude a dependency in Maven?
35.How Maven searches for JAR corresponding to a dependency?
36.What is a transitive dependency in Maven?
37.What are Excluded dependencies in Maven?
38.What are Optional dependencies in Maven?
39.Where will you find the class files after compiling a Maven project successfully?
40. What are the default locations for source, test and build directories in Maven?
41.What is the result of jar:jar goal in Maven?
42.How can we get the debug or error messages from the execution of Maven?
43.What is the difference between a Release version and SNAPSHOT version in Maven?
44.How will you run test classes in Maven?
45.Sometimes Maven compiles the test classes but doesn’t run them? What could be the reason for it?
46.How can we skip the running of tests in Maven?
47.Can we create our own directory structure for a project in Maven?
48.What are the differences between Gradle and Maven?
49.What is the difference between Inheritance and Multi-module in Maven?
50.What is Build portability in Maven?

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