Java 8 Predicate Example

Today,the Java 8 Predicate Example walks you through step by step to use java.util.function.Predicate is a functional interface introduced in Java 8 and can therefore be used as the assignment target for a lambda expression or method reference. Functional method of Predicate is test(Object) which returns Boolean value.

Using Predicate offers some good advantages:

a) Predicate classes are easy to test and change
b) Optimize the re-usability of source code and, reduce maintenance efforts
c) Separate business layer from operational concerns

Let’s dig deeper via some examples


First expression checks for people who are male and greater than 21 year olds. Second expression checks for people who are greater than specified age.

Demo Java 8 Predicate Example

We have a People class like below:

Let’s build some predicates in util class. Moving your predicates to a Predicate util class offers some good advantages in the long run

Create main class as below:

Run this program and see the output like this:

Java 8 Predicate Example

That’s all for Java 8 Predicate Example.

Predicate (Java Platform SE 8)

Download complete source code, click link below (315 downloads)

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