Java Lambda Expressions Example

Java lambda expressions example introduces the way we do functional programming in Java. Java lambda expressions are Java’s first step into functional programming. Thus, a Java lambda expression is a function which can be created without belonging to any class. Let’ understand what lambda expression is and how it works.

Java Lambda Expression Syntax
A lambda expression is characterized by the following syntax.

Lambda expression is with the important characteristics like below.

1. Optional type declaration: No need to declare the type of a parameter.

2. Optional parenthesis around parameter: Single parameter is not required in parenthesis. For multiple parameters, parentheses are required.

3. Optional curly braces: Curly braces are not required in expression body if the body contains a single statement.

4. Optional return keyword: The Java compiler automatically returns the value if the body has a single expression. Curly braces are required to indicate that expression returns a value.

Java Lambda Expressions Example
Create the following main class using Eclipse or any editor if you want, like below.

Run main class above in Eclipse
Run the command javac and the java LambdaExpDemo
It should produce the following output.

Java lambda expressions example

That’s it.

Lambda Expressions

Download source code, click link below (259 downloads)

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