Jackson Json Streaming Example

This tutorial introduces about Streaming API by creating Jackson Json Streaming Example. Jackson Framework has implemented a useful Streaming API which is also called incremental mode. With Streaming API, Jackson Framework consumes low memory and less processing overhead. While Jackson is high performance and sequential access api. Especially, it can often match performance of many binary data formats on Java platform.

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Table of contents:
1. Introduction Streaming API
2. Write JSON using JsonGenerator
3. Read JSON using JsonParser

Introduction Streaming API

Streaming Processing (also known as Incremental Processing) is the most efficient way to process JSON content. Due to it’s incremental processing and sequential access nature, all content to read and write has to be processed in exact same order as it arrives, so it’s bit hard to use. There is no random access here, the random access is only used in Data Binding or Tree Model.

It’is why Streaming API is less flexibility and typically used in middel-ware projects, frameworks and less often by applications. However, you can use the Streaming API if you need high performance on application. You also get more about knowledge by refering Jackson Streaming API

The Jackson Streaming API is with two important classes:

  • JsonGenerator – To Write JSON.
  • JsonParser – To Parse JSON.

On reading front, API comes with Parsers which works like a pointer moving through individual tokens in JSON string and provide access to data of those tokens.
key, value, brackets [ { } ] are all tokens.

Write JSON using JsonGenerator
In this Jackson Json Streaming Example, we will use the JsonGenerator to write JSON content. And we create generator object, pass an destination file as parameter. Generator object provides methods to write individual tokens.

Run the above main class we will get the output like this

Read JSON using JsonParser
In this Jackson Json Streaming Example, we wil use Parses which works like pointer moving through each tokens in JSON string and get data of those tokens. Notices that key, value and brackets [{}] are all tokens in JSON string.

Running the main class and it returns the output such as:

Jackson Json Streaming Example

That’s all. Hope that this tutorial help you get more knowledge about Jackson Streaming API and created your own Jackson Json Streaming Example.

Download source code, click link below


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